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Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

Expensive Phones



2800 mAh

Not Available

SAR Value

SAR EU - Head
0.56 W/kg

SAR EU - Body
0.41 W/kg

SAR US - Head
1.20 W/kg

SAR US - Body
1.58 W/kg

Talk time - 3G
21.00 hours

Video Playback
13.00 hours

Music Playback
67.00 hours

Not User Replaceable

Samsung Galaxy S5 SAR

With the ubiquity of mobile phones, we fail to realize that there are some disadvantages to them as well. One of the biggest concerns for health conscious buyers is the Samsung Galaxy S5 SAR. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. It is the amount of radiation that an exposed part of the body absorbs while using an electronic device like a mobile phone. It is emitted by the Samsung Galaxy S5 battery. The two main regulatory authorities are the FCC of the USA and the Council of the EU. The SAR EU – Head of Samsung Galaxy S5 is 0.56 W/kg while that of the US –head is 1.20 W/kg. This refers to the radiation absorbed by the head when using the phone during a call. While this cannot be avoided entirely, you can certainly reduce your exposure to harmful radiation by actively seeking out a phone with a lower SAR value. This will definitely help you in the long run!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Features

A smartphone with all the latest features, most powerful processor, most ram but a poor battery is hardly capable of being called ‘smart’ isn’t it? The Samsung Galaxy S5 battery features are an absolutely crucial consideration for most would be consumers. The Samsung Galaxy S5 battery type is Not Available. The battery capacity is also given in terms of how much talk time it provides. The 3G talk time of Samsung Galaxy S5 is 21.00 hours while the video playback is 13.00 hours. You get a battery life of 67.00 hours while only listening to music. Wouldn’t you also like to know if the Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is user replaceable? It would please you to know that it indeed is!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Capacity

There are several factors which affect the battery life including the processor, screen brightness, display, battery age etc. But none is more important than the Samsung Galaxy S5 battery capacity! It is usually measured in milliampere-hour (mAh), and is 2800 mAh for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Why not check out the as well? You can confirm if the Samsung Galaxy S5 is in this exceptionally important category or not! A larger mAh count usually corresponds to a longer battery life, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, software optimization or prudent use can go a long way in increasing the battery life.