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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Highlights

4GB RAM Phones

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Release Date and Details

Black, Gold, Pink Gold, Silver and White

Operating System


Dual SIM

SIM Size


150.90 mm

72.60 mm

7.70 mm

157.00 g


5.00 megapixel

12.00 megapixel


3600 mAh

Video Playback
18.00 hours

Music Playback
55.00 hours


Screen Size
5.50 inches

Corning Gorilla Glass version 4 is better at falling, it survives 80% of drops from 1m (3.3ft) on a rough surface meant to emulate the jaggedy surfaces encountered in daily use.Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen


4.00 GB


Processor Speed
1.60 Ghz

Number of Cores

Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price and Dimensions

In the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Highlights, we tell you all about several key facts relevant as a buyer or even enthusiast. Chief among them is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price and Dimensions. For luxury products, it is said that if you ask the price, then you probably can’t afford it. However, this certainly does not hold true for the smartphones we aspire to own or buy. Expensive Phones or Budget Phones is the first and last question asked by almost all of us. (Asked again if we can’t believe how expensive or even affordable it truly is!). The price of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is ₹ 55,000.00 in INR. The dimensions comprise of the length, width, thickness of the phone which are 150.90 mm, 72.60 mm and 7.70 mm respectively. It also includes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge weight which is 157.00 g. A heavier phone might be preferred by some users for a larger battery or a sturdier feel, while others might like the lightest phone ever made. You need to decide your priorities and choose wisely!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera and Hardware

In the second part of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Highlights, we give you some more trivia which you may also be interested in knowing. A key component of that is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera and Hardware. Nowadays, smartphones have begun to rival or even outpace simple point and shoot cameras in terms of picture resolution, clarity, and sharpness. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge rear camera resolution is 12.00 megapixel, while that of the front camera is 5.00 megapixel. It has a 5.50 inches screen with a resolution of 1440x2560 pixels for all your business as well as pleasure! All those pixels need a solid processor RAM combo to drive them forward. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge processor has 8 cores clocked at 1.60 Ghz. It also has 4.00 GB RAM for all that you may need to accomplish using it. Nowadays many budget phones are Full HD phones and the videos and photos shot through their camera have HD quality.